ATLAS GIPS BONDER adhesive for plasterboards. For plasterboard fixing – during finishing works on interior walls, during repair works or finishing new rooms. For fixing decorative mouldings and other gypsum ornaments. For fixing rigid thermal or acoustic insulation composite panels. For filling voids in mineral substrates, up to 20 mm in depth.

The main characteristics

  • very good adhesion to substrate and plasterboard
  • excellent plasticity during plasterboard fixing
  • optimum open time • high bond strength

Available in paper bags 25kg


ATLAS GIPS BONDER adhesive for plasterboards


  • Excellent plasticity – adhesive is easy to apply, changes its shape during position- ing of the board, fits perfectly to the substrate irregularities.
  • Optimal pot life – setting time was extended in order to facilitate adhesive application and convenient board positioning.
  • High bond strength – ensures strong and durable bond between plasterboard and substrate.
  • Low shrinkage after setting – adhesive layer is free from internal cracks and deformation after setting, which guarantees good bond stability.

The main parameters

  • layer thickness: 5 – 20 mm
  • consumption: ca. 2.5 – 5.0 kg / 1 m² of plasterboard

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