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Linerio M-Line lamellas are a striking addition to modern interiors. The spatial finishing of a wall or ceiling allows to quiet and optically separate a specific zone in the room. The product is distinguished by its lightness and durability.

Linerio panels help to soundproof a room and improve acoustics. They are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. They can also be used in the kitchen or bathroom.
The lightweight lamellas simply need to be cut to the required size and glued in place. The panels can be placed vertically, horizontally or at a slant. The installation process is quick and intuitive, and once completed, the room is ready for use.
For the panels, you can purchase special mouldings: left, right and universal. These allow you to aesthetically finish the edges of the tiers.
For a slightly different effect, you can use narrower or wider slats.


length - 2650 mm
width - gross 122 mm / net 115 mm
thickness - 12 mm
packaging - 1 pc. (0,323 m²)

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