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Linerio S-Line slatted panels will make a room appear taller and cosier. They are compatible with a variety of furniture and accessories, so they can withstand changes in design over the years. They will help to highlight a specific area in the interior and calm the space. The narrow lamellas are made from a modern material, which makes them lightweight and durable.

  • Linerio slatted panels improve the acoustics in the interior. They are scratch and stain resistant and are completely recyclable. They can also be used in bathrooms.
  • The installation of Linerio panels is quick and easy. They need to be conveniently cut to the required size and then glued to the wall or ceiling. The lamellas can be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle. Immediately after their installation, the room can be used freely.
  • There are colour-matched mounting strips: left, right and universal. By finishing the edges of the panels with them, you will achieve a striking lamella.



length - 2650 mm
width - gross 122 mm / net 115 mm
thickness - 12 mm
packaging - 1 pc. (0,323 m²)



Linerio panels are made from durable polystyrene. They are completely recyclable. They are covered with thermal printing. A damp cloth is all that is required to keep the lamellas clean.

Thanks to the fact that Linerio slatted panels are waterproof, they are ideal not only for the living room or bedroom, but also for bathrooms, where they will give a modern look and make the space feel cosier.

Linerio slats are made of lightweight polystyrene, a material that can be used to effectively soundproof an interior and improve acoustics. As a result, they can be used to reduce reverberation in large rooms.

The installation of Linerio is quick and clean. They can be conveniently cut to the desired size. They then simply need to be glued to the wall or ceiling. The lamellas can be placed vertically, horizontally or at a slant. Immediately after installation, the room can be used freely.



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